One Twitter user wrote: “Only today would the words ‘Tanooki Suit’ be trending on Twitter.” It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen, the yearly celebration of all video gaming goodness, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Halo fans rejoice! #4 is on its way. Check out the new trailer! Microsoft mentioned the upcoming usage of voice control technology for the XBox dashboard and cloud interfacing! Not bad. They also spoke about the future of the Kinect, including games such as “Kinect Sports: Season Two,” “Dance Central 2,” and “Star Wars Kinect.”

Nintendo confirmed that its next home console, tentatively titled “Wii-U,” will be released in 2012, despite rumors that it might be released in time for Christmas of thisyear. Very little has yet been disclosed about the specifics of the system itself, but it has been verified that the controller will include a 6.2 inch touch screen, usable as a secondary screen to supplement the television, or even as a primary screen, seemingly blurring the lines between consoles and handhelds. The company also discussed its upcoming software updates and game titles for the new 3DS, including “Mario Kart” and “Luigi’s Mansion 2,” since the first was such a smashing success (that was sarcasm).

Sony handled itself very well, despite the elephant in the room that is the recent hack of the PSN and theft of the information of some 90 million users. Jack Tretton, head of PlayStation America proudly announced the upcoming PlayStation Vita, the newest handheld system from Sony. Featuring a 5-inch screen and Wi-Fi/3G capability, the new handheld will feature touch technology and even cameras for interactive games.

Sounds like the industry is taking some sweet steps! Modern Warfare 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, various new systems and technologies… What are your predictions for the future of gaming?

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