It is undeniable. No generation will ever be quite content with how things are. In recent years, we have seen massive revivals of the past, interest in the way things used to be, and a fascination with popular history.

I define “nostalgia” as a longing for an unattainable past. With this unofficial definition in mind, why are we looking back rather than forward? Perhaps it is because we are striving to find our identity. We are trying desperately to allocate the things that separate us from other generations, whatever generation we ourselves fall into. We have all found ourselves shamelessly reminiscing about “the good old days,” haven’t we? At some point, we all like to sit and think about our younger days, the times when life was simpler, whatever the case may be. It’s a beautiful thing, nostalgia. I am slightly obsessed with it. I suppose it helps me to find my own identity, to establish who I am amidst a sea of faces.

I think that every person carries a bit of their childhood throughout life. For one person, it may be a passion for Disney movies. For another, an odd hobby they have had since their youth. For another, a love of their generation’s music. Whatever this bit of childhood is, I believe that there will always be a soft spot in an individual’s heart for it. There will always be time for conversations beginning with, “I remember that!”

A longing for an unattainable past. A beautiful, melancholy feeling. The source of much geekery. What is your guilty nostalgic pleasure?